Explore our vineyard's treasures

"Perles de Terroir" was the product of an ambitious, bold objective: that of revealing the character of the finest plots in our vineyard through the selection of wines that are exceptional both in terms of their quality and their method of production

Completely contrary to the "traditional" Champagne technique of blending different vintages, varietals and years, our approach to the vinification process was to express the uniqueness of the terroir that produced each of the wines (and thus the influences of geology, climatology and topography) :

- a single Grand Cru Classé plot on the Côte des Blancs, harvested and vinified separately
- a single grape variety, Chardonnay, that characterizes Pertois-Lebrun champagne
- a single year of harvest, reflecting the vintage's characteristics
- a minimum of five years' ageing on the lees to obtain full expression of the flavours
- very little added sugar (Extra-Brut), synonymous with purity and authenticity

Ideal as an aperitif, to fully appreciate the natural freshness and the subtlety of the flavours, these champagnes are also excellent as an accompaniment to food, offering a maturity and complexity that are sure to enhance your culinary experiences.

We are thus releasing some exceptional champagnes that we hope will please connoisseurs seeking unique, rare wines just as much as champagne lovers curious to discover the hidden treasures of the Côte des Blancs.

As an introduction, let us start with the first "Perle", our first "star plot", "Le Fond du Bateau"...