Cramant Vineyard

The vineyard

Discover our single grape variety, Chardonnay, given expression through an exceptional classified Grand Cru terroir

Cramant, Le Mesnil-Sur-Oger, Chouilly, Oiry, and Oger : five villages on the famous Côtes des Blancs with Grand Cru Classé status among the 17 in Champagne that enjoy this prestigious distinction (out of a total of more than 320 villages).

These are the five communes among which our nine hectares of vines are distributed, providing a terroir that is perfectly suited to the Chardonnay grape. The resulting wines reveal finesse, elegance and fresh flavours, reflecting the characteristics of the growing environment:

  • a specific soil structure consisting of a thin layer of earth on top of a thick layer of chalk,
  • a geographical location at the northern limit of the vine growing region,
  • an ocean climate with a continental trend, characterized by freshness and moderate sunshine,
  • and, of course... human labour!

Let us tell you about our environmentally-friendly approach to the vineyard that encourages the expression of the terroir

We take meticulous care in the treatment of our vines in order to express all of the Chardonnay grape's nuances and subtleties, while at the same time reflecting the diversity and unique characteristics of our 44 plots : one cannot produce an excellent champagne without raw materials of impeccable quality.

As a result of this philosophy, we have adopted sustainable farming practices, reducing synthetic inputs to a minimum (including the total elimination of herbicides and insecticides). Thus, we give preference to mechanical procedures to work our soils and, for a better understanding of how they operate, we prioritize natural grassing. We also choose to mainly use natural fertilizers and treatments such as plant compost, organic products and herbal substances in order to enhance the vine’s immune defenses.

Through these practices, we respect plant and soil microbiological life, intentionally reducing the vines' vigour and final yields. We also encourage the root network to penetrate deep into the subsoil to extract the essence of the terroir. This is naturally reflected in the quality of our grapes, that reveal magnificent aromatic concentration, the diversity of our plots and the rich minerality of the terroir that has produced them.